Friday, January 5, 2007

Free Speech

Private news outlets are afforded privileged access to the government (or, for that matter, most news "sources"--private or public) based, in large part, on the content and perspective that news is generally presented. In this manner, what is "newsworthy" or not is entirely subjective. The government can, to a great extent, influence the rate and content of news by controlled "leaks" to trusted reporters and pundits and by scheduled and spontaneous news releases and press conferences. The content of news is also controlled, to some extent, by the concerns of the private sponsors (advertisers) and investors. Thus, in no manner or form is any news outlet objective.

Freedom of the press and free speech are only maintained by reflecting on the spectrum of perspectives from varying news outlets (each with its own biases and perspectives). The consumer of news must gauge what the "real story" is by interpolation of these various viewpoints.

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